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Live Simply Large Zipper Pouch


Availability: 1 in stock

Be grateful for all of life’s beauties! Use zipper pouch to store away your phone, as an art kit, or to hold your beauty accessories inside. Adore the nature art and inspirational mantra (Live Simply!). Pair with our Live Simply Small Zipper Pouch and Live Simply Eco Tote Bag for even more nature fun. 8.5 x 6 inch pouch. Fair Trade Certified. Hand printed in the USA. 100% organic cotton.


Our products are designed and manufactured by a number of different companies, so sizing is always different based on the product. While this chart gives you a general idea of how our sizing works, please refer to the individual products for actual sizing specifications. All measurements are in inches.

Size Chart
Size Chart by Model Reference
Size Chart by Model Reference
Size Chart by Model Reference