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Himalayan CrystalLitez & Essential Litez - Square Salt Lamp Diffuser With Dimmer Cord


Out of stock

Himalayan Crtsya lLitez is a new generation salt lamp that can be used in 3 ways: an AIR IONIZER, PURIFIER or OIL DIFFUSER.
Size:4.5″ width X 5.4″ height
Material:Salt Rock-Glass-Polymer Clay
Power Source:Dimmer Cprd
Electric Material:6′ Ft UL Listed cord with base and dimmer switch button
Light Bulb15W B-12
Each Himalayan CrystalLitez package includes:
(handcrafted glass bowl,6 ft ul listed cord with base,2 of 15w light bulbs and 2 lbs salt rocks with spare ones).