Gheri Sling Backpack

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Gypsy Rose
Gheri Sling Backpack


HAND MADE in a small village in The Himalayan Mountains of Nepal from 100% natural cotton. This very popular bohemian sling backpack is made from Gheri fabric. This process has been handed down from generation to generation. The same process is used in making their traditional tribal garments. Offering products like this bag supports hard working HUMAN weavers not machines. We build to last. Lots of space to store your goods, large outside pocket. There’s also a pocket case on the shoulder strap to hold your smart phone, iPhone or other technology…Beam me up Scotty…which planet? Great retro courier pack for hiking, biking, festival going or trekking anywhere on this amazing planet we call earth. We are also proud to note that the construction of the material is low impact & eco-friendly. So if it’s good for the environment you know it’s all good for Gypsy Rose. And all good for you too! CARRY with PEACE and LOVE!!!

SIZE: Approx. 12 x 16

Adjustable strap


Black / White, multi-colored


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